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LIM - Principal Academy


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Register for the Leader in Me Principal’s Academy. This exclusive, two-day, small-group workshop will educate you on The 4 Roles of Great Leaders and is designed to unleash the greatness in your school.


Inspiring and rigorous, this training challenges you to adopt a leadership paradigm of release, not control. During the workshop, you will focus on developing practical skills and tools that will enable you to become a truly great leader and take your school's performance to the next level. Tuition includes a Principal’s Academy Participant Kit.

Leader in Me Schools (free tuition): As one of the benefits of membership this year, we are offering free tuition for Principal’s Academy. Please make sure to add your promo code at checkout. You can find the promo on LIM Online or through your coach.

Participants: Principal Academy is limited to two participants per school from the leadership team: Principals, Assistant Principals, etc.

Tax Exemption: If your organization is tax exempt, please complete your order (which will assess tax at the time of check out). Once you receive your invoice or confirmation email, please send a message to [email protected] with your order number and tax exemption certificate. A FranklinCovey representative will remove tax from your invoice and send you an updated copy.

Registration Close: Registration will close 10 days prior to event.

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]


Principal Academy Agenda

Day 1
• Foundation
• The Four Chronic Problems
• The Solution: The Whole-Person Paradigm
• The Solution: The 4 Roles of Great Leaders
• Reflection

• Introduction to Role 1: Modeling
• Modeling Inspires Trust
• Character and Competence Lead to Credibility and Trust
• Inside Out
• Reflection

• Introduction to Role 2: Pathfinding
• Pathfinding Creates Order Without Demanding It
• A Shared Vision
• Credible Strategy
• Reflection

Day 2

Welcome Back
• Introduction to Role 3: Aligning
• Aligning Supports the Vision
• Goal Achieving System – The 4 Disciplines
• Cascading
• Reflection

• Introduction to Role 4: Empowering
• Empowering Unleashes Human Potential Without External Motivation
• Leadership Conversations
• The Impact of Empowering
• Reflection

Action Planning
• Introduction to Action Planning
• Achieving a Personal Leadership Goal
• Closing
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